Grants are awarded primarily for research or educational projects in medicine and healthcare, as well as in areas of interest associated with or encompassing the subject of entrepreneurship. Priority is given to application-oriented research. Grants may be awarded for clearly identifiable objectives with the focus on the vulnerable situation of children. The Foundation does not support research that is exclusively basic.

The Foundation strongly favours projects of an interdisciplinary nature. We accept applications from all over Sweden. There are no set limits on the sum of money awarded. Projects should normally have a duration between 2 and 5 years and should be clearly defined (not research programmes, not contribution to general running costs). The main applicant should be senior in his/her organisation. Decisions are made on the basis of the project’s financial plan.

The Foundation does not award funds to:

  • Private individuals if their application has no affiliation to any organization
  • The application originates from another foundation or fund which in turn acts as an intermediary for charitable donations
  • The application concerns activities for which local, county or state authorities are normally responsible for funding
  • Initiatives that cannot be expected to be of lasting or widespread significance
  • Centre or network initiatives, meetings or conference costs, individual doctoral or postdoctoral studies
  • The Foundation is closely involved in following up allocated funds to ensure that they are used efficiently and for their intended purpose.

The Foundation is free to exercise jurisdiction over an award at any time.

Personal information

Name, address, personal identity number of project manager, co-applicant or contact person.

Brief summary

The project’s title, purpose, significance, implementation and schedule.

Grant recipient

Specify here whether the recipient is a university, college, academy, organization or similar.
Applications must be approved by the principal or head of the organization, or equivalent.


Itemized statement of the sum in SEK for which the application is being made. Estimated costs in total for the project and amount specified per budgetary year. Costs directly associated with the project should be specified, such as salaries (including fringe benefits), travel, materials and other costs.

To aid the assessment of the budget in relation to the proposed project, a descriptive budget justification may be provided.

Contributions towards indirect/administrative costs are given with set amounts based on full-time equivalents (fte). For premises, a contribution of 45 KSEK is given per fte per year and for administrative costs a contribution of 100 KSEK per fte per year (i.e. 100%  position on the project; 145 KSEK contribution/year). The contributions may be used freely towards the two purposes.

The contributions towards indirect costs are based on a policy developed in 2011 by a number of Swedish foundations supporting research. The policy can be found here (in Swedish).

Details of how any subsequent costs will be financed and whether funding has been sought or obtained from other sources must be stated.

Project description

A more detailed presentation of the project, which should not exceed five pages, must be attached. This must include the project’s background and purpose as well as the design, methodology and expected significance of the project.  Details of the applicant’s qualifications and any references must be attached to the application.


The signature confirms that, in the event the grant should be awarded, the organisation will be willing to accept the grant conditions. In particular, the budget is confirmed to have been approved and the potential need for co-financing of indirect costs will be handled by the organisation. Hence, the signature should be collected from an official with the authority to confirm the above.

Application processing times

The Foundation meets to make decisions on funding applications in September/October and Febuary/March. Within the area of Science & Research  applications should reach the Foundation by April 9th 2021.

The next application deadline for the areas Tuition & Education and Development of Children and Young People is October 15th 2021.

The applicant will be notified in writing as soon as the application has been processed and the Board has made ​​a decision concerning possible funding.


A condition of funding is that the applicant complies with the Foundation’s reporting regulations. For further information, please see under the heading Reports.