All grant recipients must report to the Foundation’s Board of Directors without the need for a special request to do so.

Interim reports

For projects lasting longer than one year, an annual report must be submitted with both a financial report and an activities report. This report must be compiled by the project manager.

For projects lasting five years or more, a mid-term evaluation of activities must also be completed, after which a decision will be made to determine whether funds should be provided for the remaining period of the project.

Final reports

A final report must be made to provide a comprehensive financial account and a summary of the entire operation. For research projects, all publications produced within the framework of the project must be presented.

When a report is submitted, the Foundation will expect answers to the following questions:

  1. Has the project been implemented according to plan? Please comment on any deviations.
  2. Have any significant results emerged?
  3. How has information about any results been disseminated?
  4. How have awarded funds been used?

Type of report


Attached files

The form only accepts files in Word, Excel or PDF format, and they cannot be larger than 5 MB per file. For larger files than this, please contact us by e-mail.